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We offer highly reliable and inexpensive fingerprinting services in the Tampa Bay region in Florida.

The Premiere Fingerprint Livescan Services in Tampa, FL is Here to Serve Your Needs.

Do you live in the Tampa Bay region or are employed in the vicinity? You will need to get your fingerprint live scanned for various purposes, like identification and employment. Our fingerprinting experts are here to answer all your queries about live scan fingerprinting.

We are the best fingerprint live scan in Tampa Bay, Fl, and we even provide fingerprint cards. We offer in-depth insight into how fingerprinting works and details about the services we offer. Fill the form below and our representatives will get back to you at the earliest.


Why Choose Reliable Livescans Fingerprinting?

We employ the latest technological advancements in our fingerprint live scanning procedures. This makes our results more reliable, which further enables us to use top-tier security measures to keep your sensitive information secure.
We understand the value of your time. Therefore, our fingerprint scanning process can be completed within 15 minutes. You can rest assured that when you walk into our centers for a live scan, you can leave within 15 minutes and make the most out of your day
Our services are FBI CJIS security compliant and we are approved by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). This means we are extremely reliable in keeping your confidential data safe.
Customer satisfaction is important to us. Therefore, we keep our services at affordable rates. By choosing us as your vendor, you can get your fingerprints live scanned in minimal time at highly competitive prices.

The Services We Offer are Trusted By:

For a list of frequent ORI codes, click here .

We Specialize in Performing Level 2 Background Checks

A level 2 background check is the most reliable way to clear an individual for a job opening that requires a high level of trust and responsibility. Therefore, most employers perform a level 2 background check on all its potential employees.

How is a Level 2 Background Check Performed?

A level 2 background check is based on your fingerprints. Since no two fingerprints are identical, it is next to impossible to forge a print. This gives them an edge in using a fingerprint to identify an individual.

Your fingerprints are used to search the records maintained by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), the national FBI criminal history database, and the county criminal records through local courts of law enforcement agencies. Some states, like Florida, mandate its employers to conduct a level 2 background check for its employees.

Our fingerprinting experts at Reliable Livescan perform fingerprint live scan level 2 background check for agencies and organizations based in Florida in the likes of:

  • Agency of Healthcare Administration (AHCA), Florida Medicaid.
  • Florida Department of Health and Board of Nursing.
  • Department of Children & Families, Department of Juvenile Justice, Department of Elder Affairs.
  • Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.
  • And more!

Why Every Small Business Needs Background Screening for New Employees?

Florida requires every small business to employ the services of a professional fingerprint live scan vendor to perform level 2 background checks for its employers. This enables businesses to hire employees that possess the skills to protect the brand business and make the office more productive. As it is often noticed that efficient employees can kick-start growth in a business organization.

Since it’s tricky to pick the correct people for the job, running a level 2 background check is a foolproof way to conduct pre-employment background checks. Since some applicants lie on their resumes and applications, hiring us to cross check employees’ background checks is the quickest and most efficient way to hire the best employees for your business.

Step By Step Process of Getting Your Finger Print Live Scanned:

Step 1: Book an appointment by calling us or filling out the form on our website. Following this, go to the fingerprinting center on your scheduled appointment date and time.

Make sure you have an ORI number with you. Here is a list of all ORI numbers in Florida. Also, a government-issued photo ID like passport or driver’s license, and your social security number will be needed to start the live scan procedure.

Step 2: Reach the fingerprinting center with your appointment details, pay for the service, and proceed with the live scan. Booking an appointment gives you the ease of paying when you reach the fingerprinting center. This is done for your comfort. We accept payments in forms of cash, credit or debit cards (with an additional $3 transaction fees), and business checks.

Step 3: Check your application status by clicking here. Use the transaction number provided to you at the time of your appointment to check the status of your fingerprint live scan application.

Read What Our Clients Think of Our Services.

Kristen G.
1 month ago
Fingerprints were fast and easy! Vanity was super sweet with fantastic customer service. She provided me with all of the necessary information and was very professional. I highly recommend this location for fingerprinting. The best I have been to!
Leida O.
1 month ago
Vanity went above and beyond to get my fingerprints done. I was late to my appointment due to an accident but she pushed back her schedule to get them done because she noticed I live about an hour away and she wanted to save me the hassle of having to reschedule. Highly recommend her!
Eric V.
1 month ago
Vanity went above and beyond to help get my results to the proper channels after some brief confusion which was outside of her or my control. I couldn’t be happier with the level of customer service and understanding she showed me!
Schedule an appointment with Reliable Livescan and experience the best of professionalism and quality of service from the best vendor of live scan fingerprinting in Brandon, Fl.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, appointments are required for our fingerprinting service.

The ORI number is required. It is the digital address for where the fingerprint results need to be sent to. Without the ORI number, it is impossible to submit fingerprints for background screening.

The OCA number is NOT required,if not known. It is the numeric designation for the entities requesting prints (ie employers). It is only applicable to AHCA, DCF, and Medicaid applicants. In the case of AHCA and DCF, it is their agency assigned number (not the license number). In the case of Medicare applicants, it is their medicaid number. This allows the regulatory agency to see specifically which entity is requesting the applicant’s fingerprint background.

Your employer or regulatory agency will have this information. There are literally hundreds of ORI and OCA numbers, so we cannot be responsible for selecting the correct one for you. Many of them can be found online.

Generally it takes 3-5 business days for the FDLE to route the results to your
regulatory agency, and subsequently, to your employer.

Only your employer and/or regulatory agency has access to your results. Our roles is scan your fingerprints and submit them to the state for processing, never knowing what the outcome of the background check is. However, you can check on the submission status of your prints. If you click on step 3, “Check Status” on our homepage and it will take you directly to the FDLE site to see where your prints are in the process. You will need your TCN which can be found on your receipt. If you have any questions about your results please contact the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) at (850) 410-8161.

You’ll need to come back to our office to be fingerprinted again. The FBI wants to see two attempts at getting legible prints to make sure “it’s you, not us”. Please bring the letter you received and make sure it has a “TCR” number. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to improve the quality of your prints if they are already damaged from age or wear/tear.

We accept cash, business checks, Visa, Mastercard. We do not accept personal checks under any circumstances.

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