Step By Step Guide To Livescan Fingerprinting In Florida

The Florida Department of Health, in cooperation with the law enforcement, can ask you to register with a qualified livescan fingerprint Florida. You will be required to agree to testing your DNA in order to help solve crimes. This can be done by providing fingerprints that comply with the new Florida laws.

Jobs that require a level 2 background check in Florida make it necessary to get your live scan fingerprints to go through the Department of Law Enforcement in Florida to record them. This is done using an ORI (Originating Agency Identifier Number). The originating agency refers to the state, country, or the local government that collects the fingerprints.

What is ORI?

ORI or On-Record Identification Number is the number ID that is assigned to your specific fingerprints by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). This helps provide identity, background and criminal records of an individual, if any.

Florida law mandates that you include your ORI number when getting live scan fingerprints. This is also helpful in getting your fingerprints registered and applying background checks to grant any licenses in the state.

Why is an ORI number necessary?

During a background check run by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, they require knowledge of which agency has taken the live scan fingerprints and why. This can be achieved using an ORI code. The ORI number starts with 2-5 letters, which is then followed by a 9-digit code. This code is determined by which state department processes your fingerprints.

The agency that performs the live scan fingerprinting usually has its abbreviation embedded in the ORI number. For example, if the ORI number is EDCFGN10Z, the agency that performed the live scan is the Department of Children and Families General (DCF General).

What is an OCA number?

OCA or Originating Agency Case Number is often combined with the ORI number to ensure that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is aware of the reason the background check is needed. This also determines which state or agency should be contacted first.

However, not all live scan companies are registered with the UCR, and anyone applying for Level 2 background checks will be given a PAN number. OCA IDs usually start with ‘111’ and are always numbers only.

What is a VECHS number?

VECHS or Vital Event Certificates Healthcare System Number is specially made for the VECHS program. This number is typically used by schools and daycares and they send the results directly to the company from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. They usually start with an “E” or a “V”. VECHS numbers beginning with a “V” are given for volunteers at the company, while codes with an “E” are given to employees.

You may ask what the difference between a VECHS number, and a social security number is. VECHS number is very similar to a social security number, but instead of being a nation-wide security measure, a VECHS number is exclusive to the state of Florida.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind:

  • An ORI, OCA, and a VECHS number is a requirement before your fingerprints are scanned.
  • If you do not have these numbers, your originating agency can assist you.

Steps to get an ORI, OCA, or VECHS Numbers in Florida:

The Department of Health (DOH) is the issuing body for ORI and VECHS numbers. However, the process is fairly complex, so we are here to guide you through the process- step by step.

  1. If you do not have an ORI number for your live scan fingerprints, you can contact your origination agency.
  2. To obtain and apply for an ORI number, you can contact the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) 1-800-226-8378.
  3. Once you have an ORI number, you can make appointments to reserve your time slot. You can read the tips on the appointment page to read about what you can do to ensure the best quality of your fingerprints.
  4. You can apply for a VECHS number online through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) website.

Here are the detailed steps on how to get your fingerprint live scanned.

Step #1: Navigate to the website of any fingerprint live scanning agency.

Step #2: Enter your biographic data and set up an account on the website. Create a password then move forward.

Step #3: Accept the privacy policy, and select the department, for example the Department of Health. Select your ORI number and the reason your fingerprint is being live scanned.

Step #4: Confirm and agree to your photograph being taken. Also confirm that your ORI number is correct.

Step #5: Enter your residential address and proceed.

Step #6: Enter the name and address of your employer. Click continue to proceed.

Step #7: Verify that all information provided by you is correct and make changes if necessary.

Step #8: Enter your credit card details and complete the payment from the payment gateway.

Step #9: Go to the appointment scheduler. Pick a day and a time at your convenience.

Step #10: Confirm your date and appointment booking.

Step #11: The receipt of the appointment will be mailed to you at the email id you have previously provided. You can choose to print this and bring it to the appointment along with a government issued photo ID.

Step #12: GO to the fingerprint kiosk or center nearby where you have booked your appointment. Use the QR code on your confirmation slip and get your fingerprint live scanned and your photos taken by a trained fingerprint technician.

Step #13: Rest easy while your fingerprints are sent to the state or the FBI for processing. The results are sent back to the concerned agency that has requested a background check.

History Of Florida

Final Words

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) is the responsible agency for issuing all Florida live scan fingerprinting, ORI, and OCA numbers. FDLE is also responsible for issuing VECHS numbers to the individuals fingerprinted by the FDLE.

With the growth in the population of Florida, it has become more and more important to keep up with it. The growing need for public health and administrative staff is where ORI and VECHS numbers come into play. They are required by public health professionals or administrative staff members to practice in the state of Florida. It helps in tracking all professionals who work in all public health and administrative positions in the state of Florida.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, appointments are required for our fingerprinting service.

The ORI number is required. It is the digital address for where the fingerprint results need to be sent to. Without the ORI number, it is impossible to submit fingerprints for background screening.

The OCA number is NOT required,if not known. It is the numeric designation for the entities requesting prints (ie employers). It is only applicable to AHCA, DCF, and Medicaid applicants. In the case of AHCA and DCF, it is their agency assigned number (not the license number). In the case of Medicare applicants, it is their medicaid number. This allows the regulatory agency to see specifically which entity is requesting the applicant’s fingerprint background.

Your employer or regulatory agency will have this information. There are literally hundreds of ORI and OCA numbers, so we cannot be responsible for selecting the correct one for you. Many of them can be found online.

Generally it takes 3-5 business days for the FDLE to route the results to your
regulatory agency, and subsequently, to your employer.

Only your employer and/or regulatory agency has access to your results. Our roles is scan your fingerprints and submit them to the state for processing, never knowing what the outcome of the background check is. However, you can check on the submission status of your prints. If you click on step 3, “Check Status” on our homepage and it will take you directly to the FDLE site to see where your prints are in the process. You will need your TCN which can be found on your receipt. If you have any questions about your results please contact the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) at (850) 410-8161.

You’ll need to come back to our office to be fingerprinted again. The FBI wants to see two attempts at getting legible prints to make sure “it’s you, not us”. Please bring the letter you received and make sure it has a “TCR” number. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to improve the quality of your prints if they are already damaged from age or wear/tear.

We accept cash, business checks, Visa, Mastercard. We do not accept personal checks under any circumstances.

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